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red wines (pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, amarone) and bubbly (brut) are my favourites but I have an open mind and palate so please feel free to introduce me to a bottle you love.  I also have a fondness for top shelf tequila or vodka and I cannot resist a freshly made margarita or a vodka martini.

oysters, sashimi, omakase, tasting menus, any kind of fusion, Mexican food, a perfectly cooked steak or fish, and seafood in general are all at the top of my list.  I have no dietary restrictions and there's not much I won't try. 

If you're coming by for a visit, fresh pastries from a bakery, a cheese platter, fresh berries from the farmers market, donuts from SuzyQ, juices or smoothies from Juice Dudez or a pint of gelato from Stella Luna Gelato cafe are always a welcome surprise.

Gift Cards
uber, sephora, winners/homesense, amazon, LCBO

Small Tokens of Appreciation
wine (of course), matcha tea, plants, flowers, cookbooks, dog toys and dog treats

I am a self proclaimed lingerie addict and no amount will ever satisfy my obsession. Victoria Secret, Honey Birdette, Agent Provocateur, God Save Queens and Fleur du Mal are just some of the brands that I consider drool worthy.

Charitable Donations for Making Care Packages to Give Out to the Homeless
backpacks (new or gently used), men's underwear and socks (new), McDonalds or Tim Hortons gift cards, insulated water bottles (new or gently used)


Gift are never expected or required but always make a wonderful impression 

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